Maitreyee is a Social Psychologist and Consumer Behaviour Specialist with 8 years experience across multiple facets of qualitative research. She pursues her curiosity of why people behave the way they do, professionally, by decoding the role of social structures and culture in influencing behaviour, understanding what this means for brands and businesses and guiding their strategies for growth with a consumer-first approach. 

She has worked in London, Mumbai and Singapore. Across creative and research agencies. In start-ups, mid-level and MNCs. Across global markets, from US, UK, Europe to MENA to South & South East Asia. On wide-ranging categories such as baby care, alco-bev, pharma, personal care, foods & refreshments, home care, e-comm and more.

She has a strong academic foundation with an MSc in Organisational & Social Psychology from the Psychological and Behavioural Science department at the LSE, and a BA (double major) in Psychology and Anthropology. As of 2014, she also has the Advanced Certification in Market & Social Research from MRS UK. 

Off-work, she enjoys reading on the psychology of terrorism, browsing dog memes and photographing quirky stuff. 

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