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Since I can remember, I have always been curious about why people behave the way they do. ​

This curiosity drove me to pursue degrees in psychology and anthropology, and subsequently led me to the world of research and insights. 

For the past 12 years, I have been a researcher in many forms: consumer insights,  UX researcher, and design research. But across it all, I essentially help brands, businesses, and products better understand the people they cater to. My works have influenced packaging designs, marketing strategies, brands' positioning, user experience of physical and digital products, and innovation pipelines among others. 

I have worked across physical and digital products, across categories as varied as baby care and alco bev, FMCG to durables, and housing loans to pharmaceuticals. I have worked in London, Mumbai, and now Singapore, in agencies big and small, as well as now on the product side. 

Previously, I was a director of international research and design projects. Currently, I lead the UX research practice at Rakuten Viki, building, nurturing, and socialising it from the ground up.

Outside of work, I love reading about the psychology of terrorism, watching reality TV, and photographing quirky stuff (like this sea carpet below). 

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