I identify myself quite simply as a 'researcher'. Someone who is driven by an innate and inexplicable curiosity to decode why we, as humans, behave the way we do. 

Over the past decade (almost), I have been a researcher in varied forms. A trends researcher, a market researcher and now, a UX researcher. But while each label came with a distinct context and perspective on decoding human behaviour, the essence of it has been the same: helping businesses better understand the people they design their products, services and experiences for.   

My professional journey so far, has taken me across London, Mumbai, Singapore; across research and creative agencies, and client-side; exploring categories such as personal care, condiments, alcohol, baby care, cough syrups, laundry, telecom and more; working with the likes of Unilever, Visa, Diageo, FrieslandCampina, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, and more; and answering questions like why Turkish women claim to love bleach more than their husbands(!), what masculinity means for Vietnamese youth, what mornings and morning meals in Greece look like, and how Filipino grocery shopping apps can deliver a better shopper experience in the pandemic times. 

This eclectic, unique and global exposure has only helped me have more perspective, and more sensitivity when decoding people, and working across cultures, business setups and multi-disciplinary teams.

When not analysing people, I enjoy reading on the psychology of terrorism, browsing dog memes, and photographing quirky stuff.