I identify myself quite simply as a 'researcher'. Someone who is driven by an innate and inexplicable curiosity to decode why we, as humans, behave the way we do. 

Over the past decade, I have been a trends researcher, consumer insights researcher and now a UX researcher. But moving past the labels, the essence of it has been helping businesses better understand the people they design their products, services and experiences for.   

I have worked across London, Mumbai, Singapore; across agency and client-side; on global research projects ranging from US & LATAM to EU & MENA to South & SEA; for the likes of Unilever, Lazada, 3M, FrieslandCampina, Twitter, Diageo and more. 

My past research projects have involved witnessing a Filipino birthday celebration to decode the role of alcohol in it, speaking with Turkish women in-depth for over an hour about, well, bleach, understanding the meaning of 'trust' for the Indonesian shopper, and figuring out exactly why Vietnamese folks do not embrace an eco-friendly refill pod packaging as well as their British counterparts. If this piqued your interest, check out more of my work here!

My eclectic, unique and global exposure has helped me have more perspective and cultural sensitivity when decoding people and working across sub-cultures, business setups, and multi-disciplinary teams.

In my current role as a Sr. UX Researcher at Rakuten Viki, an Asian entertainment streaming platform, I am tasked with building up the research practice and the research team from scratch and elevating the quality of insights to guide long-term product strategy.

Off work, I enjoy reading about the psychology of terrorism, attempting to not kill my house plants, and photographing quirky stuff.

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