Communication / Strengthening the morning connect for Noynoy milk in a dairy-heavy Greek market 🇬🇷


Brand Noynoy wanted to cement its association with mornings. However, in a dairy-heavy market like Greece where multiple dairy categories and brands compete in morning meals context, how to ensure that the brand communication resonates and cuts through the clutter? ​​


  • Concept of 'mornings' is subjective in terms of it start and end time. 5am for me, 8am for you 

  • Morning behaviours are often routinised, ritualistic and on auto-pilot making it hard for participants to talk about

  • Having a researcher shadowing a family in the mornings feels unnatural, intrusive and disruptive


Approach: home audits, interviews, self-ethnography, immersive experiences (breakfast with a Greek family!) and workshop

We equipped mums to run a self ethnography using their mobile cameras to help us understand what mornings looked like from their perspective. We then layered this with reflective 1:1 interviews in their homes, with mums talking us through the softer aspects (mindsets, needs, aspirations, stressors, high points) behind the behavioural data captured through the photo-video assets. 

The resultant data gave us rich insights not only into what a typical morning looks like in Greece, but also nuances such as the changed outlook towards mornings post the Greek economic crisis. 

To convincingly communicate the experience to our client, we facilitated an immersive experience: breakfast with a Greek family. 

Insights were then recasted into a provocative format to spark ideation in a workshop setup with global and local teams, as well as the creative agency. 6 months down the road, a new TVC was launched, distinctly departing from the conventional portrayal of high energy, positive mornings with sit-down family moment to a high-intensity, chaotic morning with everyone hoping for 'just a minute more', peppered with fleeting moments of positivity and strength brought about through a glass of milk - symbolic of a strong and healthy future.


  • Launch of a new TVC for Noynoy, rooted in consumer and cultural insights 

    • Elements of realism through family dynamics, morning moods​

    • Benefit communication through visual mnemonic: 1 glass of milk 

    • Feel good factor, infusing positivity into otherwise dreary mornings (amplified further by the Greek economic crisis)