Culture Studies

Strengthening the Morning Connect for Noynoy Milk in Greece

Brief: In an already dairy-heavy Greek market, Noynoy wanted to strengthen its functional and emotional connect and cement itself as the go-to milk brand by owning the morning milk consumption moment. 

Approach & Insight: via mobile based self-ethnography, and through the power of POV cameras, we uncovered the morning ethos, replete with habituated (and otherwise hard to articulate) morning routines, interactions, emotionality and more. 


Delving deep into the sub-culture of mornings through subjective self-ethnographic data captured through POV cameras, and juxtaposing this with the macro Greek culture especially in light of recent eco-political context, we identified tangible functional and emotional tensions for Noynoy to strategize on in the mornings space. Workshopping these together with Noynoy global, local and creative teams, a communication brief was born, leading to the launch of a new, highly relatable TVC in the Greek context