Retail design / Making Health & Beauty a destination channel for haircare in Turkey 🇹🇷


Health & beauty was a growing channel in Turkey, but not quite leveraged for haircare which remained a​n incidental / transactional purchase. The client, an FMCG giant, wanted to change this by understanding shopper mindsets, needs and missions in an H&B retail context, and draw inspiration from other high performing categories in H&B 

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On-ground observations (L-R): inspiration from make-up category, shopper interactions in-store for haircare vs. make-up, quality of recall for make-up vs. haircare through recall sketches and shoppers' purchase basket among other things


  • Hard to replicate shopper behaviour and mindset in a contrived 'mock' H&B setup: we needed a real store to run this in

  • Need to recruit shoppers who regularly shop in H&B and intend to do so soon, as opposed to 'forcing' purchase in H&B

  • Eye tracking results are often misinterpreted: heatmaps are seen as a positive, but without context, these are meaningless (heatmap due to attractiveness - a positive, vs. heatmap due to confusion - a negative)

Approach: shop-alongs, coupled with eye tracking and reflective think-aloud sessions

We engaged a local team on-ground in Istanbul to visit and shortlist representative H&Bs (based on store size, inventory, navigational pathways, planograms, brand presence, locations and more). Together with the client, we finalised on select stores to run the experiment in and secured permissions to do so.


Shoppers who intended to shop at H&B stores were recruited so as to observe their natural behaviour as it unfolded, and asked to shop as usual for haircare, among other categories. Each shopper was equipped with eye tracking glasses to capture a nuanced understanding of how they browsed, pathways undertaken, POSM engaged with and more. Observational notes were taken as the shoppers engaged in their respective missions.


As a follow up, we engaged in an unaided recall sketch exercise and a reflective think-aloud session, wherein shoppers played back their eye tracked videos and provided subjective interpretations for their behaviour with different categories in-store.


  • Uncovered sharp, actionable insights on how haircare is under-leveraged, and how it could be leveraged

    • Provided photo-video inspiration based on shopper interactions with other categories in-store​

  • Informed haircare and H&B marketing, channel and category development teams' decision making