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Last Mile Pack Design for Cif's Eco Re-Fills

Brief: Cif's eco re-fills were (at the time) a new pack format that allowed consumers to refill and reuse their Cif spray bottles for life. The brand wanted to maximise up-take at POS (vis-a-vis regular spray packs) and educate shoppers on 'how to use' to deliver an impactful bottomline for their sustainability initiatives

Approach & Insights: We, together with the local customer collaboration team at Cif's end, developed a mock-shelf to replicate a real-world shopping scenario. Through eye tracking, shopper and shelf observations, we identified actionable developments for Cif eco-refills' shelf-ready packaging - ranging from packaging design and ergonomics, to CTAs on pack to drive pick-ups and comprehension of 'how to use'

Cif's eco-refills have since been launched in the UK and select other markets. Similar initiatives are now underway for other home care brands under the Unilever mother brand.