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Foundational // Spaces Exploration

Benadryl (India) was among the top 3 cough syrup brands in India with a strong salience. However, cough sufferers typically tended to have 2-3 cough syrup brands in their repertoire. As a next step towards growth, Benadryl wanted to become the most preferred brand, and needed to understand communication spaces it could explore to establish itself more firmly.


  • What people say vs. do is often quite different - how to capture actual cough experiences and treatments?

  • The entire process of going from insights to generating spaces can be quite abstract - how to create a red thread for the teams reference?

Approach: in-depth interviews, home audits, workshops
We conducted research in key Benadryl markets in India, visiting recently afflicted individuals at their homes for in-depth interviews. We leveraged the home visit to speak also with their family members, and conduct a home audit to note all the 'gharelu nuskas' (home remedies), medications, accessories and accompaniments utilised in the treatment of the cough. Additionally, we also spoke with HCPs (health care providers) to understand doctor-patient interactions and prescription / recommendation dynamics related to cough treatments.

Through the interviews, we captured the afflicted individuals' journey with cough: how it all began, what they believed to be the trigger, the disruption it caused in their personal / professional lives, their emotional and physical journey through it all, their treatment behaviours (from preventions to remedies to 'for added measure'), and road to recovery. All of it complemented with rich photo and video evidences from their homes, and families, as well as through HCPs' inputs.
As a first step, we put down a comprehensive research report mapping it all out for the Benadryl insights, marketing, and brand team to internalise. As a next step, we workshopped the insights by putting them into provocative tension statements, and having the teams outline the role, relationship and fitment of Benadryl as a resolution. This helped the teams to also see the seamless connect between the spaces and user insights.
Resultant ideas were slotted into spaces Benadryl could creatively explore, and which served as creative briefs for the marketing and brand team, and their ad agency.  

A snapshot of the different tensions the teams arrived at based on the insights gathered. These were then layered with how Benadryl can play a role herein to identify a space to move ahead with


✔️ New TVC pack released positioning Benadryl as the 'right cough treatment'
     - providing 'treatment' and not just 'relief' as home remedies do
     - working against wet and dry cough
     - positioned in 'life interrupted' space, e.g. birthday party, family time

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