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I often participate and speak at industry conferences, sharing thought pieces, innovative methodologies, or just my experiences. ​

Some of my speakership events are outlined below.

Flipkart's Field Notes - UX Research Conference | India, 2022

'The Solitary Researcher - Amplifying the Voice of the User through Collaboration'

Decode Strategy Labs - Talk Series | Singapore, 2021

'The Art of Observation - Uncovering Stories from Hidden Worlds'

Watch the recording

ESOMAR APAC | India, 2020 

'Sustainability - Doomed if You Do, Doomed if You Don't'

Read on WARC

ESOMAR APAC | Macau, 2019 

'Hacking into the Silent Subconscious'

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Qual 360 APAC | Singapore, 2018 

'Harnessing the Power of Evolving Camera Technology for Behavioural Insights'

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