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Solution Validation // Usability Testing

Maille, a prominent condiments brand, ​had undertaken a shift in their UI design with a goal of communicating a more modern, premium look and conveying an association with creativity, flavourfulness and passion for food / cooking. Prior to the launch, there was a need to test the user experience to understand impact on the UX, uncover gross negatives and developmental cues.


  • Inherently, purchasing condiments online is difficult: no opportunity for engaging sensorially

    • Given this, it was imperative to evaluate ​opportunities for making this experience easier for the users

Approach: moderated usability tests, conducted remotely
We ran a quick turn-around study, end-to-end in 1.5 weeks, testing the new website design with 12 French shoppers remotely via Zoom. We incorporated an exploratory task and a directive task list into our interview guide to comprehensively test the user experience. The Maille team actively listened in, often making design changes on-the-go to speed up delivery further.

The insights enabled targeted changes to multiple elements, as well as informed future design direction for Maille:

  • Enhancements to menu tab nomenclatures for easier comprehension

  • Change in iconography for easier recognition and clearer expectation setting

  • More immersive hero images for products to bring alive their flavour profile, minimise psychological distance

  • Identification of bugs, typos, translation errors for quick fixes

  • Navigational enhancements to minimise user effort and smoothen user flows


Responses from users 


Translated into meaningful and actionable recommendations for client


Resultant final menu tab and iconography reflected on the live site


Based on users' implicit needs when condiment shopping, as well as unsaid friction observed during task based interactions, we recommended opting for a more visually evocative hero image that quickly communicates sensorial expectations

Recommendation picked up and reflected on live site

✔️ Tactical design changes implemented: new website launched (

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