User Research

Crafting a Better User Experience for Pond's Skin Advisor Live App 

Brief: Pond's was in beta-testing mode for the Skin Advisor Live app, intended to strengthen the brand's relationship with millennial Indians. Prior to launch, there was a need to test the UX, and uncover longitudinal engagement behaviour on the app

Approach & Insights: using eye tracking tools, we were able to pinpoint developmental areas on the UI backed with behavioural evidence. This helped to understand and refine first-time user experience. Thereafter, we engaged in a longitudinal diary exercise, replete with screen recordings and regular check-ins to understand day-to-day app usage, engagement thresholds and drop-off points. Comprehensively, this exercise helped us highlight UI enhancements and tune-ups for in-app offerings and features (design, content, placement and communication) to better user experience on a long-term basis.

App available for download on Apple App Store & Google Play Store in select markets 

The PONDs Skin Advisor Live Application.