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Problem Validation // User Research

Viki's subtitling community comprises of drama fans with linguistic capabilities and an inherent passion to help viewers across the world access their favourite dramas in their own language. Viki relies considerably on such fans / contributors to subtitle dramas into over 150 languages for its viewers the world over. But little had been done to understand who these contributors are, and what motivates them. 


  • No prior work done to understand mindsets or motivations

  • No direct way to determine these via data analytics - 'an invisible layer' 

Approach: qualitative exploration
We leveraged a rudimentary framework based on contribution frequency and quantity to identify different types of contributors to represent them in this research:

  • Those who have been contributing more than the median contributions per month, and consistently for over 6 months

  • Those who have been contributing less than the median contributions per month, and consistently so for over 6 months

  • Those who have been contributing inconsistently - sometimes more, sometimes less over 6 months 

We then began interviewing each type spending considerable time understanding their journey: how it all began, the first trigger, their experience so far, barriers encountered / overcome, outlook and perspective towards the community, towards the role of their contributions, the enablers and reinforcers for contributing regularly / irregularly, for contributing more / less. 

3 mindsets and motivations were then uncovered, with the research report bringing these alive through pen portraits sprinkled with defining quotes to ensure memorability. The report also highlighted tensions across the 3 kinds of contributors, key inflection points, and how to communicate to each one in a way that resonates with them.

✔️ Debunked hypotheses on role of time at hand / demographics / occupational contexts in influencing manner of contributions
✔️ Community Development team continually referring to these mindset to determine community engagement activities 
✔️ Remains as a go-to artefact for the Subtitling Community team as a reminder of who they are designing for 

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