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My work spans across agency and product ends, with physical and digital products, and categories as varied as alcoholic beverages, pharma, FMCG, e-commerce, vision care, digital payments, and more. 

Below are some of my works (projects I led independently / with my team) in brief, take a look.

How cultural and semiotic insights on 'mornings' helped guide marketing communications for brand Noynoy in Greece


A tactical study to identify UI/UX improvements to make it easier for French shoppers to shop for condiments online


How insights from shop alongs, reflective interviews, and quantitative eye-tracking helped Dutch Lady harmonised its FOP design in SEA without negatively impacting brand equity


Helping reposition iconic men's grooming brand X-Men to resonate with contemporary young men in Vietnam through a comprehensive approach involving primary research, insights mining, and collaborative ideation workshops


How a simulated shopping experience helped guide the launch of eco-refills in the UK, and warn of watch outs ahead of launch in Vietnam


A prominent beer brand wanted to better understand how Singapore shoppers buy beer online, to guide further deep dives into how their online presence on e-commerce / m-commerce platforms could be shaped up

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