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In line with Unilever's efforts towards more sustainable packaging, homecare brands such as Cif in UK and Sunlight in Vietnam were looking to launch a new 'eco-refills' packaging - a compact concentrated form of cleaning liquid that could be poured into the regular Cif / Sunlight bottles and topped up with water for use. The innovation was estimated to save up to 70% plastic in packaging, and encourage shoppers to reuse their bottle multiple times before discarding it.


  • Say-do gaps - while shoppers say they would want to support environmentally friendly brands, behavioural this might not add up 

  • Cultural differences - would shoppers in UK and Vietnam support and adapt such an innovation equally?


Simulated shopping at-shelf through mock physical shelf (UK), and VR shopping (Vietnam) followed by reflective 1:1s

Based on specific scope of testing (e.g. in the UK, also validating certain eco-refill SRPs - shelf ready packaging - and claims; and in Vietnam, simply checking for uptake of eco-refills at shelf), we took a customised approach.


The insights delivered targeted inputs that subsequently aided the launch and highlighted key cultural watchouts in these diverse markets:

  • UK

    • Tactical edits to the SRP CTAs to make them more user-centric and drive comprehension of what this is / how it works

  • Vietnam

    • Cultural context and mindsets that explained the poor uptake at shelf - watchouts for the brand and product teams to consider and take note of to guide launch​

The SRP as was tested
The recommendation

In the UK, we realised users struggled to understand what the eco-refills are all about; the SRP copies failed to communicate clearly. 

Recommendations were provided to highlight the word 'refill' and make the SRPs more user centric i.e. less talk on what Cif has done, and more talk on how it matters to the users 

Vietnam category context
Key barriers
Key barriers

In contrast, in Vietnam, aside from comprehension issues, we also noticed an inherent pushback to the innovation. From local culture and category understanding, we pinpointed the reasons why and articulated key perceptual and behavioural barriers to overcome


✔️ Packs launched in UK - launch considerations delayed for Vietnam in light of the watch outs

✔️ Packs have been subsequently successfully launched in other developed markets as well

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