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I have been a speaker at various events and industry conferences and quite enjoy both - the challenge of crafting a pertinent paper, as well as the opportunity to listen and learn about new perspectives. 

Catch me at the upcoming Semiofest conference in Porto in late May 2024, where I will be talking about 'Journeying Liminalities: From Stuckness to Transformation'.

Semiofest Porto, 2024

Journeying Liminalities: From Stuckness to Transformation

Flipkart Fieldnotes (Bengaluru), 2022

The Solitary Researcher: Amplifying Voice of the User through the Power of Collaboration

Decode Strategy Labs (Singapore), 2021

The Art of Observation: Uncovering Stories from Hidden Worlds

ESOMAR APAC (Delhi), 2020

Sustainability: Doomed If You Do, Doomed If You Don't

ESOMAR APAC (Macau), 2019

Hacking the Silent Subconscious

Qual360 APAC (Singapore), 2018

Harnessing the Power of Camera Technologies

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